Virginia Sweetspire

An upright, deciduous shrub with slender, sprawling branches that form a rounded mound about four to five feet tall.  Large ovate leaves line the branches at the tips sprout 3-5" long tassel-like, white flowers that cover the plant in early summer. The fragrant blooms give way to small seed capsules that may persist into winter. The foliage turns red to purple colored in the fall and may persist into winter before dropping.  Provides good cover and seeds for birds, especially when planted in a large mass. 

Scientific Name: Itea virginica
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Butterfly Host: N/A
Container Size: 3/4 gallon
Cultural Uses: N/A
Fall Foliage: Yes
Fruit: Cylindrical green pod that turns brown as it matures
Light Needs:
Square Feet Used: 25
Type Of Garden Ecotone:
Water Needs:

Price: $15.00

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