Sharpwing Monkeyflower

Perennial herb with opposite, clasping leaves on an upright square stem topped with flowers. Flowers are purple-blue and asymmetric with two prominent lower lips said to resemble a monkey's face. Spreads by self-seeding and creeping rhizomes in moist conditions. Good for rain gardens, bog gardens, and areas with poor drainage.

Scientific Name: Mimulus ringens
Bloom Color: Blue, Violet, Pink
Bloom Time: June, July, August, September
Butterfly Host: N/A
Container Size: 3/4 gallon
Cultural Uses: N/A
Fall Foliage: No
Fruit: Small brown pod containing seeds
Habit: Herb
Height: 1-2'
Light Needs: Full Sun (5+ hrs. direct sun)
Square Feet Used: 2.25
Type Of Garden Ecotone: Mesic, Partial Shade, Partial Sun, Wetland
Water Needs: Average, Moist, Wet

Price: $10.00

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