River Oats

Rhizomatous, clump-forming clusters of linear, arching dark green leaves on a tall arching stalk topped with loose panicles of tiny flowers. Flowers are very tiny and hard to see with the naked eye, but are followed by and ovoid mass of flat, 'oat-like' seeds that sway in the breeze on the drooping stalk. Spreads by rhizomes and tolerates occasional flooding.

Scientific Name: Chasmanthium latifolium
Bloom Color: Green
Bloom Time: June, July, August
Butterfly Host: N/A
Container Size: 3/4 gallon
Cultural Uses: N/A
Fall Foliage: No
Fruit: Oat-like seeds that hang in clusters atop the stalk
Habit: Grass/Grass-like
Height: 2-5'
Light Needs: Part Shade (2-5 hrs. direct sun), Full Sun (5+ hrs. direct sun)
Square Feet Used: 4
Type Of Garden Ecotone: Community Garden, Street Scape, Urban Garden, Border Woodland, Erosion Control, Mesic, Partial Shade, Partial Sun, Sun, Wetland
Water Needs: Average, Moist

Price: $10.00

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