Hearts a Busting

A woody, multi-stemmed, shrub with mottled green and brown bark and small, opposite, glossy leaves. The stems can be erect or prostrate depending on the amount of light and moisture available. Clusters of yellowish-green flowers are followed by a warty green seed capsule that turns red as it ripens and then splits open to reveal bright orange-red seeds.

Scientific Name: Euonymous americanus
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Butterfly Host: N/A
Container Size: 3/4 gallon
Cultural Uses: N/A
Fall Foliage: Yes
Fruit: Red, ribbed capsule that resembles a strawberry that splits open to reveal bright orange seeds
Light Needs:
Square Feet Used: N/A
Type Of Garden Ecotone:
Water Needs:

Price: $15.00

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