Beech Hollow Farm Features

  • Garden Calculator:  Need a hand calculating the number of plants for your garden space?  Use our garden calculator to configure plant lists, organize bloom time, color palette, etc.  Your plan may be saved on our site for future edits, or we will email your plan to you as a pdf. 
  • Beech Hollow Blog:  Posts and pictures of various gardening techniques such as solarization, compost tea, dealing with invasive species, blocking weeds with paper and mulch, as well as day to day on the farm. 
  • Beech Hollow Wildflower Farm sells locally sourced, nursery grown, native plants indigenous to the Georgia Piedmont region. 
  • Our plants are grown using natural media, organic fertilizers, microbial soil builders and soil amendments.  These media and supplements are locally sourced whenever possible. 
  • We use organic certified pest controls.