Beech Hollow Community Gardens

Get Involved!

Cub Scout Troop # 586 removing invasive plants and weeds.

Cub Scout Troop # 586 removing invasive plants and weeds.

Native bee on Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea.

Are you interested in being part of an amazing and like-minded group of volunteers to do work in restoring our local habitat?  Join the Beech Hollow Community Gardens group to get the latest updates and details about upcoming volunteer days at local Atlanta area community parks and gardens.  This group will help create fellowship and connections between our native plant loving friends and local native plant community gardens.  Together, we will work in public and community gardens, public parks, and other public green spaces, to establish pollinator gardens, install native plants, remove harmful invasive species, beautify with native wildflowers and shrubs, and restore the health of our neighborhood habitats.  Let’s all come together to get our public green spaces back into shape and make our city pollinator friendly again!

Each posted volunteer day will run from 9 am to 12 noon, and will start with a bit of learning about native plants and their natural communities.  We will learn about which plants provide larval host support for butterflies, which plants have nectar and pollen for native bees, and which plants provide important forage and shelter for migratory birds. We will also touch on the history of the native plant garden with its human community! After that info warm up, we will weed, mulch and plant as the volunteer day allows.

There is a nice colony of Crested Iris in the garden, Iris cristata.

If you want to get involved, keep up to date with the latest volunteer opportunities, check out past and future projects and connect with other volunteers, visit

Just to give a little head’s up on some upcoming volunteer days, we will be at Freedom Park Bird & Butterfly Garden in Freedom Park on:

August 10th to tidy up for upcoming Audubon Garden tour. 

October 12th  is a very exciting work day, we will be laying out a garden expansion for the bird and butterfly garden! 

On November 9th, we will be working with Cub Scout troop #586 do some weeding and take advantage of Fall’s excellent planting conditions to install some new native plants in Freedom Park Bird & Butterfly Garden at Freedom Park.