Feast your eyes: Hepatica acutiloba

Heart Leaf Liverwort (Hepatica acutiloba) is a spring blooming woodland ephemeral.  Mottled leaves, beautiful flowers, oIMG_4486atherworldly seed capsules; this plant has it all. IMG_4544a  IMG_4753a IMG_4757a IMG_4758a

















































The seed capsules remind me of some of the aliens in Metroid. They will burst soon and unleash a legion of tiny individuals thirsty for organic matter……..

Watch it grow: Celadine Poppy

I thought it would be fun to take a picture every day during a plant’s reawakening in Spring.   Celadine Poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum) is one of the earlier blooming perennials, even through ice and snow, it grows.  This starts on 2/3/2014, and ends yesterday, 4/3/2014 with pictures every 3 days or so.  You can click on the image to advance to the next slide if you get impatient.  Happy Spring!