East Pasture Soil samples 1, 2, &3.  Lespedizia on Turkey Hill has set seed.  All seed on sumac is gone.  One Crataegus unifolia has set fruit, gathered several.

10.10.10 Elmer’s Lost Well

Removed lespedezia in front of hunter’s shed.  Mike mowed lespedeia at top of ridge before it could go to seed.

Elmer's lost well.

When we first were considering the property, my husband Mike and Elmer (one of the fellas we eventually bought this property from) walked all over looking for this well.  For the past year, every time we took a hike, we kept our eyes open, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fabled hole in the ground.  Kinda gave up hope of finding it after several months went by.  Today we finally found the lost well.  It is a beautiful hand dug construction, maybe 35-40 feet deep, lined in small, carefully stacked granite boulders.  It would be a bitch to fall into, however.

10.03.10 Tracks along the Ring Road

I love walking the ring road after a rain to see who has been about.

Some Turkey tracks along the north side of the property.  There is a large flock of about 20 Wild Turkeys in the back there.  They are very skittish and cautious birds, we don’t see them often, but we have caught glimpses of them over the past year.

The second photo down, squirrel tracks? such tiny and delicate digits.  Third photo, below left, perhaps the hind paw of a skunk? The toes are very short.  This was a fair sized hind paw, about 2.5 inches long.  The fourth photo below right is one of our gray foxes.


Downhill edge of all propagation beds lined with dead woody debris.

DWD, dead woody debris, a material devoid of any glamour or charisma.  We banish it from our yards into the yard waste for city pick up…