07.18.10 Solarization in the East Field

I’ve read several articles on solarization that were released by county extension services in various parts of the country.  It seems that clear plastic is more effective than black plastic, according to a couple of studies done over the past decade. 

Note:  The black plastic on the left was installed June 25th; most everything under the black plastic was dead.  Rain had pulled the plastic back in some places, despite the use of landscape staples every two feet.

Plastic that was put down on 7.6 had partially killed the grass. 

July 18th, Mike and I pull up the black plastic and put down the correct clear material.  We also adjusted the angle of the beds to better accommodate the slope of the hill.  There are six beds, about 12 feet wide ranging from 20-30 feet wide. I have left 6 feet between beds for the tractor to navigate between the plots (it is a small tractor), it may not be enough room.

Collected Antennaria plantaginea and Pityopsis gramminifolia today.  Possibly found a lily near the Antennaria.  Marked both with flagging.  They are both along a deer trail at the top of the north facing bluff along the creek.



Collected several Pityopsis gramminifolia from Turkey Hill area.  Collect cuttings of Potentilla canadensis.  Will use these plants and cuttings to generate clonal stock for Freedom Park planting.


Mike and Doug looked in the attic of the hunter’s shed.  It’s full of Styrofoam pellets, knee deep, in fact.  They pulled a board off of the floor, and discovered that the building had no foundation, that it was a pole barn with walls and a floor floated into the structure.  That explained the cracks in the porch, the uneven settling of the floor and the constant smell of mildew.  I don’t think we can rehabilitate this building.


Mike tore out the Styrofoam insulation in the hunter’s shed.   Electricity is turned on.  Got the permit for the metal shed.  Need to get the site graded.

I put down black plastic to solarize beds in the East Propagation Field.  Need to get one more roll of plastic.  Have 6 beds laid out.